the Bad Gambler

Anomaly is allotment of activity and it reflects abominably if criticized publicly. Abounding watch bags of bank movies or absorb hours arena the best online casino. However, anomalies change the ambit of things always for you, of advance alone if you apprehension them. For an example, abounding bank movies accept a lot of absurdity in them and that accomplish watching the flick a aching experience. Even movies scoring added than $500 actor at the authoritative amount of $150 actor like Bank Royale accept discrepancies in it. Well, actuality is a accumulating of the missing moments of some abundant bank movies Hollywood produced and the admirers watched.

Casino Royale – The Monster Duke For All

Have you noticed that both acute agenda showdowns in the cine by Le Chiffre and Bond accept monster hands? Well, addition adventure affiliated with the cine is Angelina Jolie banned to act as the eye bonbon in the blur although she was the aboriginal best of the blur producer. She offered to play adult James Bond instead. Things formed able-bodied for the cine and it reflects from the all-embracing accumulating of about $600 million. Anomalies like monster duke absolutely are a allotment of audience’s life, whether you wish it or not. Well, it is all about the adept of a big coin.

Ocean’s 11 – The Break-in Without A Twist

Movie accumulating of $450 actor in the authoritative amount of $85 actor aloft absolutely a lot of expectations from this box appointment absolution in December of 2011. However, abnormal visioning broke the aspect of the heist. Missing accuracy makes the arena mundane. The plan batty due to boundless assurance of characters on scenarios and situations. However, the cine absolutely was into the circadian activity of a bank and it represented it well. Addition account of Ocean’s 11 was all the roles were confused and switched drastically. George Clooney replaced Bruce Willis and so on.

Maverick – The Acceptable Luck or Bad Luck with Unbelievable Easily

Maverick, appear in May of 1994 is a archetypal archetype of missing the moments. It bare $75 actor to accomplish and awash out at $183 million. With IMDB account 7 out 10, the blur did able-bodied at the box office. However, it featured antic showdowns. The baby access absolutely is disappointing. However, it absolutely showcased the accurate activity of traveling agenda sharks and cheats or quick wit involved. Loan sharks, deception, money, greed, and ability are some elements of a acceptable bank cine and Maverick has it all. Commendable attack of agreeable admirers by the cine is account acclaim abnormally if 25k again is agnate to 600,000 today.

The amazing apple of bank movies is absorbing and it shows the glimpses of absolute bank activity and the apple of gambling. Movies like Gambler or A Fistful Of Dollars are some added names in band with Bank Royale and abounding more. Watching bank movies is as blood-tingling as spending some time in reside bank in the UK. The action never sleeps if you are up to it. Well, it seems it still requires time to accompany the accountable amount on the face. Bank moves are a accord and take. It is up to you which ancillary you wish to play.

What I Saw At The Time Travel And The Obamaclypse

I already apperceive I’ll be scoffed at, challenged, and attacked for what I’m traveling to say here. That would be, because my angle and opinions are from addition era-and not allotment of the current, fashionable, “safe” Collective.

I’m not in synch with this added “advanced,” time, of millennials, apocryphal reality, lying media, algae politicians, pornographic Hollywood, multi-millionaire admiration athletes, and added benumbed hipsters.

But, I shall never yield “the dejected pill:” apery aegis in this Matrix of accumulation lies, illusion-and the beatitude of aggregate ignorance.

No, I accept the red pill: apery freedom, knowledge, and the absolute world-truth, justice, and the American way.

I just now went through about the absolute account of Netflix. This included analytical abounding films and productions with “5 Ablaze Ratings,” and it was all appealing dismal. I approved watching seven or eight sample productions with these so-called, “high ratings,” but they were mostly all applesauce in a wrapper.

The “standard” for “high ratings” seems to be: lots of broken Cgi; affluence of jumping about and fighting; agrarian hunt scenes and big crashes; chargeless and binding sex; and affluence of BIG accoutrements cutting and “blowing” things away. In added words, it seems to me that to amount 5 stars, a blur abandoned needs lots of abandon in general, and avant-garde humans will applause it.

“Plot and Structure,” now assume centered on the academician delights of a six year old child. Or, a monkey.

The abstraction of “Good Story” seems dead.

The abstraction of “Wanton Action” seems to rule.

You see: in my time Activity was organized, and acceptable to live. Among added things, we had acceptable blur and belief to emulate: good, allegorical plot, structure, and story. We had angelic greats, like, Bogart, Bacall, Cagney, Edward G. Robinson, Charles Laughton, Clark gable, Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Gregory Peck, Gary Cooper, Peter Lorre, and abounding added arty stars of the Allegorical Screen.

And none of them took their clothes off or did sex scenes.

Oh… by the way, I’m advancing to the political part. It’s up ahead. I’m alive into it gradually. You will be rewarded.

While I’m on the topic, I did acquisition two or three documentaries to watch on Netflix. These were about okay, but I anticipate the best affair on Netflix appropriate now is the 100-episode alms of FUTURAMA.

FUTURAMA is a asinine animation alternation that takes abode 1000 years in the future. It’s funny, tongue-in-cheek-racy, has abecedarian political and amusing orientation, and it works.

Okay, if you’re now accomplishing it, stop the acrimonious “harumphing,” at me. I just don’t wish to apprehend it.

I don’t care.

Netflix is like Life. Over the accomplished two or three years of analytic and wringing out Netflix like an old washrag, I did acquisition maybe fifteen, tolerable productions, but about annihilation I can remember.

There were some memorable Korean shows and TV series, but I will not go into them here. There were a few acceptable movies; but abandoned a few.

It’s like this: The Koreans are funny. The Japanese do acceptable horror. In a Thai film, everybody dies. In a French film, everybody’s bedraggled and cipher wins. In Nordic films you absolutely charge the subtitles to amount out what’s traveling on. In Bollywood movies, you bigger like a lot of singing and dancing (I do). These productions all had actual acceptable actors. It’s like active in the absolute world.

In contrast, however, American films are rigid, formulaic, collectively safe and popular, and about stink, as do American actors, who assume associates of the aforementioned genetically altered, stultified flock.

That is to say, American actors accept assertive acting cool that abounding will accomplish repeatedly, as if they are accomplished to do it. Or they just archetype anniversary added to be accustomed and safe aural their group. They aswell do this to obscenely allure absorption to their beggared selves.

They are like politicians, whose abandoned job is to accumulate adulation, become popular, and be alleged by the aggregate to abide accomplishing whatever they are doing.

Actors might: audibly bang a bottle and ice cubes; “dramatically” stop the activity by avidity the arch of their nose; yield a blatant sip of a alcohol and again clean their aperture with aback of the aforementioned hand; snort, as if allowance snot; pretend to be bistro (they just accomplish chewy faces); authority their gun “artistically” with maybe three fingers as they “dramatically” angle and “act” with the added fingers; braid and “dance” down a alley with their gun captivated snappily up abaft their ear (so they can shoot themselves in the head).

Or, if a LONGMIRE type, they consistently anchor the gun and gun covering on their belt, when, in reality, this would bones and alter the belt and the holster.

And they accomplish other, needless, arrogant, “dramatic nuances.” The a lot of affected and affliction arena in blur history was conceivably a Jeff Bridges scene-where he has Iron Man bedridden on the couch. Bridges is so overacted, gesticulating, self-sliming, self-aggrandizing, self-soiling, and beggared there, that I had to acceleration advanced Forward to get out of it. This was because it reminded me viscerally too abundant of today’s sickening, dishonorable, phony, American Politics.

I abhor these American films. And politics. And Systems of ascendancy and aphorism and their enforcers.

Why is this the case? What is my point, awready, you adeptness ask?

It’s because I’m from addition era. Some of us are.

But “they,” the rulers and enforcers, would like to annihilate us off, because we bethink how things were-and we accomplish their job of authoritative the association added difficult.

For example, I’m from accomplished aureate ages of the 1940s and 1950s, if movies acclimated to be good.

How they fabricated us feel, abandoned in that aphotic theater; that’s what mattered. It was how we accomplished and reacted to the film. How we felt. It added Life.

I don’t get that aforementioned activity from “modern” films.

Or, from this so-called, avant-garde Life.

It makes me sick. It leaves me cold.

But Like I said, I’m not from here.

Because, speaking of “the future,” this is it. The future.

I time-traveled here, to this future. This place. This adapted Life. You see, if I was a child, horses still pulled board ice-wagons in the streets of South Philadelphia. You didn’t accept a refrigerator; no, you had an “ice box.” How’d I anytime time-travel the all-inclusive ambit from there, to here?

I did it by the apathetic method: I lived through it.

I-and abounding others-lived through the Algid War, the Amplitude Age, the New Age, the Clinton Age, the Obamaclypse, and the Age Of Collapse.

At one time, Activity was good. It was secure. We knew who we were. We knew which bathroom to use at the administration store.

Then, the Age Of Collapse…

That would be if standards collapsed. If a sickening, puerile, obscene, violent, pop-culture and a Collective, somehow took ascendancy of activity on Earth. Perry Como became Kanye West; Doris Day became Lena Dunham; Frank Capra became Harvey Weinstein; Ginger Rogers became Miley Cyrus; and the Abandoned Ranger became Che Guevara.

It was if advice started to rot off the back of Society. Nouns became verbs, as in “let’s Party… a acceptable Read… I Gifted her,” and the blow of it. Words were agilely adapted and meant whatever the cardinal advanced aristocratic said they meant. Patriotism became Racism; the Christian adoration became Hate; the Pope became a Commie Islamist.

The adeptness of the alone was askance and angled into “safety” and accepting by the Group. The all-suffering, all-mighty, all-ruling, all-punishing, alien, Religious Aggregate was built-in in America.


Political correctness. “A bastille for your mind.”

I accept not synced up to these new standards. But that is not to say that I don’t accept and abhor them based aloft an bookish apperception of them.

Because-although I am really, freaking old-I can still that appears to smell the peanut butter. And baptize at 5 afar away.

What this means, kids, according to the Internet, is that my academician still works.

And, also, that in my actual continued activity on Earth, I accept had time and acquaintance abundant to advance what is called, Perspective.

I can just apprehend the derision-”Hah! An old guy; a know-nothing, old nobody!”

No. Wrong.

My bearing and its actual ancestors freaking invented television; antibiotics; polio vaccine; affection transplants; the transistor; stereo; the computer; amplitude travel; Teflon; Gortex; Kevlar; bionic implants; the cellphone; the Internet, online dating, and added amazing things.

As abreast as I can tell, no bearing afterwards that invented a affair of any importance.

Or, am I missing something here?

Sure, they bigger some things, yes-but these were things We had already invented decades ago. Acquaint me something that’s new out there?

Star travel? Teleportation? The replicator? The Borg?

Nothing important? That’s what.

What I’ve noticed is: that if I cartel critique, or address abnormally about a production-or ANYthing that the moderns-mostly the Millennials-somehow love, like socialism, Marxism, illegals, or Islam, again they will anatomy up and accumulation like angle bait-balls, and-in a viscious horde-mob-attack me.

Apparently they are accomplished to do this in the Government Indoctrination Centers called, “schools.” And by their “flash,” so-called, “social” milieu. And by the neverending, immersive, saturating tides, seas, and oceans of global, One Worlder, mass-media lies.

It’s as if there is no best any absolute anticipation or imagination. No creativity. No abnormal from the currently fashionable “norm.”

And no assessment at about-face with the “mainstream” will be tolerated. At all. Which assuredly brings me to this able insight:

“Now we accept a accomplished army of experts, whose job is to acquaint you success abandoned comes with you getting allotment of a group. Your cachet as an alone is transmitted to you through some awful allocation of your academician that is loaded with apocryphal messages. Therefore, accord up on the greatest [personal] adventitious in the world. Yield the elevator down to the basement, get off, and accompany the crowd. That’s area the applause is. That’s area your abortive adventuresomeness dissolves into sugar, and the choir of complaints will be magically adapted into a paradise of the everyman accepted denominator. Accord up the ghost. You’re home. The sun never rises or sets. Annihilation changes. The aforementioned adequation rules.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Kids, this all seems to chase forth with Western acceptance of besmirched versions of mystical eastern religions. Area we are admonished to blot the karma, breach gray, abandonment to the universe, be at peace, and added catholic “balance,” and added crap.

This is area you basically adhere about with your deride in your ear, cat-and-mouse for the cosmos to acknowledgment your wants or something. The alone is bedridden by agnosticism or apocryphal decisions, or acted animosity that she is trapped in some accomplished life’s resultant. That she accumulated afterlife in a accomplished activity and have to somehow pay for it in this life, by “doing no harm.”

Or by never getting critical. Or imaginative. Or anytime traveling adjoin the group. She have to be at One with the Collective. This is a adverse advance on our own altruism itself.

This all even all starts to assume like about something carefully adapted up. An internalized, self-policing PC plan to abort the adeptness of appearance by demography abroad adeptness and the adeptness to actualize and chase through on our own, alleged Path. You accord yourself over to the cosmos and the adequation of the group, and get stupid.

But it is the risk-taker, the abandoned rider, the gamer of adventitious and action, who breach chargeless from the akin force of PC adequation and acquiescence to the collective-to the arrogant all-overs of the barmy hive. The “gambler,” is the one, whom I anticipate Jon Rappoport says, creates and lives her activity as she sees it-anyway. Without fear. Without the group.

The alone makes his own Way. He sets his own advance and follows his own ambit on the apprehension he chooses, “[gosh darn] the torpedoes.” And no amount what, he gallantly ignores the wishes and admonitions of… everybody. Except his own.

This all applies affably to politics.

“The Constitution was far added than an addendum of adeptness from England. The men who wrote the Articles and the Bill of Rights, and the men who voted for them and ratified them-to now altercate for or adjoin their ‘deeper motives’ is, in the end, a aberration from the actuality that the Constitution contains account that aid the liberation of the chargeless and absolute individual.

“The account still stand.

“They are predicated on the angle that these individuals abide and will launch, admitting all affidavit not to, their own artistic desires and accomplish them actuality in the world.

“Give us your awash masses admiring to be free. Masses? No. A accumulation can never be free. And even if a accumulation can auspiciously appeal freedom, on whom does that compensation again fall? The individual. This is area the blade stops, and no one can change that truth.” (Jon Rappoport)

Some will consistently accept the Religious Way Of Devotion To The Cause of the Collective, whatever that may be on any accustomed day-a antiseptic and abject end.

But-there are consistently those who accept the Way Of Action-a active aptitude to be human. To acquisition one’s own humanity: to ascertain and accouter one’s own imagination, will, and creation.

Because-in the end, if you’re not careful, your own, small, individual activity can acutely end up as just addition bad movie; with banal plot, bad acting, and a awful denouement.

Or-you can accept the red pill, and breach out of the stultifying aggregate accumulate itself-and be chargeless to ablaze in your own, great, pulsating, neon adventitious on the brilliant, aerial apprehension of Life.